Like the previous editions, the third edition of Stern’s Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation Law is a helpful resource for legal professionals serving Pennsylvania nonprofit organizations. Robert J. Stern, Esq. authored the first edition in 2011 and released a second edition in 2015. The third edition has been revised and newly annotated by Cheshire Law Group, a law firm focused exclusively on representing the legal needs of nonprofit organizations. With 740+ comments, it is an essential resource, summarizing and annotating in detail Pennsylvania’s Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1988, contained in Subpart C of Title 15 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, Section 5101 et seq. This third edition is digitally available and can be searched using keywords and navigated as an e-book. It has many more detailed commentaries and practice pointers than the previous editions, and includes cross references, links to resources, and many more citations. The third edition also differs from the previous editions, in that it no longer contains forms and checklists, as newly revised versions of these will be available separately for purchase on