How-to Guides for Nonprofits

No matter where you are in your journey of building a successful nonprofit, we hope you’ll find the information here useful. These resources and the information provided on are for informational purposes only, not legal advice. For help with your Pennsylvania nonprofit organization’s legal matters, always seek the advice of experienced legal counsel licensed in Pennsylvania.

Starting a Nonprofit

Here, you will find an overview of the steps for starting a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation, with links to sample documents and other resources to help give your nonprofit a healthy head start.

Advocacy & Lobbying – Effecting Systemic Change

Don’t let your 501(c)(3) sit silent on the sidelines when it comes to public policy – effect systemic change!  Here, we cover the basics and beyond of nonprofit advocacy.


Here, you will find resources to help with your nonprofit merger. Check back here for roadmaps and templates for navigating the Pennsylvania nonprofit merger process.

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Dissolving a nonprofit in Pennsylvania can be a time-consuming and confounding process. Check back here for roadmaps and tools for dissolving a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation.

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Governance & Annual Compliance

Stay on top of nonprofit compliance matters. Check back here for checklists and other good governance tools to help keep your Pennsylvania nonprofit in compliance.

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