Guide Sheet on the Role of Members in Nonprofit Corporations

Get a grip on membership to protect your organization from turmoil and takeovers. This guide sheet helps founders and leaders understand the role of members in the governance structures of Pennsylvania nonprofit corporations. Packed with information presented in easy-to-understand terms, this 2-page resource contains a visual representation to help explain the concept of membership, lists the fundamental rights of voting members in Pennsylvania nonprofit corporations (with helpful legal citations to the applicable statutory provisions), and addresses commonly asked questions about member liability.

This version of our guide sheet explaining the role of members in nonprofit organizations is also designed to aid legal professionals, to provide easy access to Pennsylvania’s applicable statutory provisions. This version of our guide sheet can help you make quick work of navigating the Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation Law provisions relating to membership and can help inform your work, whether you are drafting or reworking any membership provisions in bylaws, or simply need to understand and home in quickly on the legal authority behind the role of members.

Digital Download: $35.00

This document is not legal advice. You should consult a lawyer with experience representing Pennsylvania nonprofits before signing and filing documents. Every startup nonprofit is different, and a lawyer can help guide you through the startup process and the important considerations relevant for your particular organization.