Bylaws – No Members, Just Board Members

Quality bylaws that reflect contemporary best practices help keep nonprofit organizations healthy. This is our basic tried-and-true template, which provides a great start for non-member organizations (i.e., organizations that just have board members and do not have voting members in addition to board members). This template works for organizations that are either adopting bylaws for the first time or want a template to work from to amend and restate their existing bylaws.

This version provides for a self-perpetuating board of directors (i.e., a board of directors that elects successor board members). It also includes a cover note about special considerations, calling out provisions that organizations may want to pay closer attention to or tailor to their needs.

Digital Download: $25.00

This document is not legal advice. You should consult a lawyer with experience representing Pennsylvania nonprofits before signing and filing documents. Every startup nonprofit is different, and a lawyer can help guide you through the startup process and the important considerations relevant for your particular organization.